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SPM Drink Systems is Designing and manufacturing of cold and hot beverages dispensers, designed for the professional usage.

The real strong point of SPM Drink System are the products, constantly developing in technical innovation and performances, making the company the leader of its field, both in national and international context.

Gel-Matic The effort to offer better quality, to perfect the products and simplify use methods, translates into the concept of specialization and starting up a single line of devices: from manufacturing machines for the entire ice cream sales requirements, it changed over to equipment for preparing and producing soft ice cream.

Technogel Italy has been perfecting the gelato and ice cream making process. it offers the fastest and most user friendly artisan gelato and ice cream equipment available.

Aromitalia The production includes bases for both milk gelati and fruit sorbets, with the famous leader brands DPO and DBF in Italy, cream and fruit pastes, delicious marbleisers and toppings.

VIBIEMME The origins of Vibiemme are intimately connected to the espresso machinery company Faema; both brands are the result of the brilliant intuitions of a man universally recognized as the “father” of the contemporary espresso coffee machines.

Officine C.G.T. produces professional machines for butcheries, supermarkets, pizzerias and restaurants in general.

Eureka Eureka is a leading company in the designing and manufacturing of Coffee Grinders with elegant design and innovative technology. Without altering the long-standing reliability of each product, Eureka aims at being the reference company for innovation in the Coffee Grinder industry.

TORALDO was founded in Naples in 1960. The company constant focus on innovation has allowed to stand out in the market soon for the quality of its products. Today Caffè Toraldo represents a point of reference in the market of coffee roasting, present in all major domestic and international markets.

GAM International mark represents for our customers a guarantee of another advantage: the unique and unrepeatable value coming from the experience of Italian restaurateurs and pizza makers, known worldwide for the passion and the attention they use for their creations. An incomparable heritage of knowledge, that our company faces everyday, becoming the ideal partner for those who want to reach the excellence.

GEMM Today, thanks to a program of ongoing investment, GEMM has expanded its range of refrigeration equipment to offer solutions for restaurants and bakeries, including tables, cabinets, cold rooms and blast chillers/freezers, all of which have been designed and built with painstaking attention to every detail, and especially to the quality of the finish.

FAMA  The experience gained in 50 years of activity in this field is the result of a project design aimed to the production of food machinery manufactured with extreme accuracy and high quality materials. Nowadays FAMA INDUSTRIES is a market leader in manufacturing food machinery for Catering, Bars and domestic use and accessories thought to satisfy any requirements.
FAMA INDUSTRIES manufactures innovative food machinery in accordance with the regulations in force, destined to specific areas such us Catering.

Clabo Group  Clabo proposes itself as a careful and propositional partner for barkeepers, ice-cream sellers and confectioners, being able to interpret at the very best their new needs in terms of products displaying and preservation, but also design, layout and public place clients flow.

Techno Daghigh Co.